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don't trust prius gen3 hybrid battery logo 8/2/2015 ga2

I have the latest generation 3 prius, now driving for 4 years. Unfortunately, the battery failed, but the warranty expired at 100,000, and we drive kids to school and sports and put on 30,000 per year. Dealer wanted $6000 to replace it! Car is worthless to trade in until battery fixed. A local hybrid shop replaced the bad cell (# 4,5,9 slightly low, but #8 very low) for $675. This solved the problem and module 8 still good, but now #4,5,9 gradually becoming weaker requiring hybrid resets. Toyota doesn't care. Ridiculous to have a worthless car after only 4 years. Will never buy from Toyota again. We have frequent 90 degree days here in summer, and that is apparently the reason. Don't buy unless you live in Canada or the border states, because everywhere else in the US it is too hot. The prius hybrid is a joke, and Toyota just tells me "tough luck."

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