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Dream car Disaster Lexus LS600 HL logo 3/24/2015 Darlene Bonner-Johnson

I have been a loyal Lexus Customer for 22 years. I ordered my dream, 2008 Lexus LS 600 HL- 6/2008. It was shipped from Japan. I specifically requested the Executive Pkg. To my dismay after a 2.5 week wait, Genevieve Riehl of Bergstrom Lexus ordered me the wrong car. I was incensed. But never forgot about the car I wanted. So on 10/25/13 I bought the car from West Palm Beach FL. I had some problems with the salesman, but nothing close to what transpired after a road trip 3 weeks ago. I put less than 10K per year miles on my car. But decided to drive it to WI. It broke down on the Hwy 419 miles out. I waited 3 hrs for Lexus roadside assistance. They never showed. A cop boosted this FlagPole


Favorite Feature : It's hard to think of my favorite features at a time when Lexus Corporate Care, and Lexus Financial Services put me to work regarding my Platinum Warranty they so happen to have "Lost" in the system. I faxed them what they mailed me "Agreement Holders" Deed for my extended warranty! But after a week of waiting Elias Agilara came back singing a foul tune of he's not going to remedy the missing warranty that I hold a copy of...and decided to send me back to the dealership in West Palm Beach FL...By which they have a overwhelming issue of missing warranties as an issue in FL. So, Fav Features: The quiet car when it runs, the low gas usage, when the Check Hybrid System light is not on, etc.

Suggested Improvement : Lexus Care, Lexus Financial and Lexus dealerships stop operating like a back alley organization and treat their customers back the way they started in the 90's in the USA! They also need Certified Service Technician that don't run when they see the FlagPole (AKA Flagship) LS600 HL rolling in for service. Never telling me they "Don't Know What's Wrong" or guess an item that's covered by the missing Platinum Warranty that they refuse to honor. Advise customers about Recalls in a timely fashion. My Car had a recall 10/15/14 for Fuel Pressure Sensor-- in the presence of an ignition source, my car could be at risk for vehicle fire! I found this out at the Check Hybrid System shutdown. Not Safe!

Average Rating : 2.875


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