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Drive it weekly or have a dead battery logo 7/30/2015 William Wehner

This is my first Subaru. Overall I love the car and everything about it... with one major exception. After parking the car for just over a week, the battery was DEAD. I called the dealership and was told, "all of the onboard computer systems will drain the battery if the vehicle sits for over a week." The dealership offerred a solution to solve the problem. Open the hood and disconnect the battery ground when the vehicle is to be left for a week. This is unacceptable to me. A car with the level of sophisticated electronics present in the 2015 Subaru Outback should be able to measure battery level and automatically shutdown unnecessary electronics and go into hibernate mode. The low level solution might be a battery disconnect switch (pre-installed). I have yet to convince my wife that she needs to become a mechanic and disconnect the battery ground when she is away for a week and the car is left at the airport.

Average Rating : 5


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