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Drives better than other vans logo 5/5/2015 longdistance

I have purchased a low roof, 148 wheelbase 15 passenger ford transit wagon with the 3.5 liter ecoboost engine. It drives very well and I get an average of 18 mpg so far mostly highway. It fits in my 7 foot garage door also. I purchased the van for large family trips. For seat planning for large families I have included this guide.row one, 2 seats driver and passengerrow two, 3 seats together that can be removedrow three and four, 3 seats of which the driver 2 or the passenger 1 can be removed. Aisle between themrow five - 4 seats, the center 2 or each outer one can be removed.

Favorite Feature : I bought the van for the ecoboost engine which does provide more power when needed and drives better than you would expect for a v6. The 6 speed tranny is better than other competitors.The available driver alert and lane keep assist work well. The navigation is good with voice control(still getting used to it). Get the step/running board, The front row of seats are designed well and the passengers good but could be better. Safety is a good think and having 5 rows of side curtain airbags is super nice.

Suggested Improvement : with 3 wheelbases, 3 lengths, 3 roof heights, 150,250,350 options and 3 engines along with colors and nav/lane keep/different mirrors,wheels,steps,trailer hitch,keyless entry, privacy glass, -you might as well order one I have the long arm tow mirrors which take some getting used to and I think could look better. This is an option I would not order if not towing.There is no leather option or power seats for 15 passenger? Changing the seat in the back is not universal, some have easy pull tabs to unhitch, others the tabs were not that but you can use a needle nose pliers to lift out with the same pull tab action, others were bolted in and needed at T55 or Torx 55 bit to remove.

Average Rating : 3.875


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