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Drives good. Dash set-up sux. Synch Sux. Forced loss of privacy really sux.. logo 2/25/2015 dez88

Handles great. Stops ok. Has been reliable.Shifting is good once you learn to let it shift like a manual.Gets nowhere near the mileage it claims. Synch absolutely sucks eggs. Controls for blinkers /wipers /doorlocks /windows/ sound system/ all is really bad...comical in some cases. Ford FORCES agreement to sharing your info with their "marketing partners". It is really BAD BUSINESS! I get sleazy, liar, cold callers saying things like "I am with the warranty department for your Ford Focus" when they are not...trying to sell me an aftermarket warranty. I have Ford's extended warranty. Ford does not allow you to opt-out. You will need new phone number if you buy a Ford.

Favorite Feature : handling

Suggested Improvement : lose one-touch on window. It causes WAY more problems than it could ever solve. It takes way more time to deal with every time you want to just crack your window than it could ever save you. It is flat out dangerous sometimes. Ask me if you want more details...but it is moot. Everyone hates it. It may be the stupidest feature since Honda's automatic seat belts.Wiper controls should be on the blinker switch...out of the way.The dome light switch makes no sense at all. people laugh at it.Put the door lock switch on the door, and give me a way to unlock manually. I live in flash flood ally. you never know when you could end up in water.

Average Rating : 4


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