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Driving 2005 Dakota 4x4 QuadCab 8 Years logo 5/31/2015 cool_breeze1

I would call this an average vehicle with average performance and average reliability. Gas mileage, performance, comfort, reliability not awful but not great, mostly in the middle leaning towards the better side. I have the towing package and hear that the truck is great for its size, however I have never towed with it, owned it since 2007 and do not know whether previous owner towed. MPG has crept down over the years to around 14 city, 18 highway - wish that I had purchased the 8 cyl since the day I got this one, as the smaller engine has made no difference in mileage but a lot of difference in fun, 8 is better. Average maintenance, minor warranty work on heater fan motor, OK truck.

Favorite Feature : I like that it has held its value more than most of my other vehicles, high-demand for used light trucks so I haven't lost any money for 4 years on the value. Towing is touted to be exceptional, I have not towed but may start this summer. Very roomy and comfortable inside for a family of 4 which is why I bought the quad cab - the 4-door design is great for putting kids in the back, roomy enough for adults in the back too. Nice cosmetic design, I like the looks, burgundy color (I believe they call it oxblood) is nice. Maintenance is easy, equipment is easy to reach, parts are readily-available and not very expensive to replace.

Suggested Improvement : 4WD requires 4-wheel alignment, seems to go out of alignment frequently and will chew through tires in 10,000 miles if you don't stay after it. Keep it clean if you live in the north, salt will eat it up. Most design is good, but my peeve is the glove box - absolutely tiny and useless - why Dodge, why? Plenty of room in the cab to make it bigger. The 6cyl is waaaaay underpowered and pointless - save no MPG over the 8cyl, so what is the point? Decent average truck, but 6cyl engine choice is not the way to go if you are buying one.

Average Rating : 3.875


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