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Early First Impressions logo 8/21/2015 Paul Horvick

We spent some time looking to replace our 2011 Toyota Sienna. Looked at the Toyota Highlander, new Honda Pilot and the Enclave. Because of a bad back, getting in and out of a car that has a high floor lip, or low ceiling is hurtful. The Enclave is a perfect size for ingress and egress with no back strain. In fact, the seats are marginally higher than those on the Sienna (and we loved the Sienna).The car was delivered with radio issues; it would not accept the signal from Sirius/XM to put it into subscription mode. A neighbor also just got a new Enclave and had the same issue. I am sure it will be resolved, but it does speak to the necessity of having a good warranty that covers the electronics (and, at 48 month warranty, it is excellent.)Steering is heavier than I would have thought; not really an issue, just an observation. The interior is quite plush and upscale; quiet. Kind of the old school luxury feel.Many consumer reviews comment on how comfortable it is on the go. I would say that is a matter of opinion. Our Sienna rode much better and was much less truck-like. Even in town, you notice every bump. Granted it is a soft bump, but somewhat disappointing compared to the Sienna.Controls, although there are many due to the sophisticated technology, are pretty intuitive.Sight lines forward are great; rear mirror vision is less than the Sienna due to rear headrests etc. Passenger side sight line is poor. The "blind spot" warning system is nearly a must have option.One odd thing, and it is a negative in my view, is that there is nothing stopping anyone from opening the gas cap. I would have assumed that at least some basic security would be in place, but nope...just push the cover and it pops open. Easy for sure, one less thing to go wrong I suppose, but I like the security of an in-cabin release.Resale value of the unit is (based upon a cursory review) rather typical of American vehicles. However, if you buy at the end of the model year, there are big discounts to be had. Ours had an MSRP of over $48000, and the cash price was $37000, and that puts the later resale in a much more competitive mode.It is a good looking SUV, and comes in a nice range of rich looking colors and interiors. We have the dark brown, and it is very rich looking.Time will tell if we made a good choice with the Enclave. As much as I want to love it, I am disappointed by the harshness of the ride. I won't downgrade the review for that, because it is so subjective. But, if you are expecting a cloud like is not there.

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