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Easy to drive. Easy to live with. Worth a look logo 7/18/2015 D del Rosario

It's been a terrific car with no problems whatsoever. It's funner to drive than your typical civic or Corolla and gets as good if not better fuel economy. I think the design interior and exterior wasn't the most impressive - goofy front end, dash layout while functional not very appealing. But that's easy to live with given the other attributes of the car. Back seat is pretty tight, ride firmer than others but not uncomfortable and quite a bit of road noise. Steering is as good as it gets, impressive for this class. Handles well despite not having the grippiest of tires. Gas mileage is great, acceleration on par with others- patience is a virtue here as I've never driven a car in this class that pushes you into the seat save for a wrx or golf gti among others. I'd certainly consider getting another one of these in the future again and would recommend others to consider.

Average Rating : 5


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