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Edmunds review is wildly overly critical logo 6/15/2016 Thomas R.

The cons pointed out by edmunds above are not accurate and it's not even clear which vehicles have been compared to the Crosstrek. In the mini utility class of vehicles that get decent fuel mileagethe crosstreks engine power is actually comparable (see the Honda HRV for example) Okay edmunds, the crosstrek is underpowered if you're comparing it to say the jeep renegade, but the renegade also gets far worse mpg. Next, the sound system is absolutely fine unless you want to listen to classical and hear each breath of the first violinist between measures. it's not a Harmon Khardon system but then again were aren't rating a Mercedes or BMW. Lastly, edmunds acceleration critique makes it seem like the crosstrek barely outruns Barney rubble in the flinstones car which simply isn't true. There is plenty of power as I've survived many a Los Angeles highway and dusty backroad hazards. Come on edmunds, be a little less partial next time.

Average Rating : 5


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