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eh logo 4/4/2017 CHris L

I am very mixed on this car. My father bought the car new, and passed it down to me 9 yrs later. He did all of the routine maintenance and also had nothing but issues , but being I was in college and my truck had crapped out I figured why not. The car finally died at 186,000 miles, when the trans went I dumped it. I had already bought a new car but being i almost rebuilt this one I tried and tried to keep it. I loved the styling of it and how it drove, even to this day, ( it is sitting in my driveway) I still think it looks sharp and especially for its day! however the here goes some of the repair list. at 42,000 miles my father rebuilt the rear end. at 90,000 i had to replace the fuel rail due to a fuel leak. With that I did the injectors. after 100,000 I lost track ,but here goes, I've done the belts ( routine) motor mounts, shocks , 2 ball joints cracked on me while driving 2 separate incidents, both axels , sway bars , hose from radiator cracked and leaked , thermostat , starter , water pump , head gasket , oil pan , and brakes. From my opinion the braking system in that car is terrible. Also the AC had issues, and it had no heat. the Windshield wiper motor was shot , and the oil light would flicker. I know reading this all seems impossible, but my mechanic was my fathers best friend so I rarely paid for anything so no it was not a mechanic having a good time, this car was a mess. the only saving grace that I would consider Dodge again is before this I had a durango and my father had bought the 2006 stratus to replace the 2002 mostly because I needed a car and he loved his 06 and never had any issues.

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