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Eh. logo 7/8/2016 john clayton

Rented on on a recent trip to HI. for 2 weeks. I liked the way it looked and it was very comfortable. Lots of interior room for the front seats. I did not sit in the back. Cargo area was small, but after all it is a small vehicle so i didn't expect it to be huge. Transmission was weak. It had these dead areas and hesitations when you accelerated. It did shitf smoothly during normal driving and when you didn't punch it. We had the larger of the 2 engines which wasn't enough. It accelerated okay but it was whimpy sounding. It zipped instead of roared. I like a big beefy motor with lots of power. My other 2 vehicles are v8's. If this had some muscle behind it or a stick shift it would be better. Gas mileage was good averaging in the mid 20's per gallon. That's good for me because my Chevy truck and Jeep WJ both get in the low teens. Ha ha. But this thing has a 10 gallon tank! Which means it seems like you go through more gas than you do, because you can't store much. Overall styling was great. We took it on the sand for a short trip and the 4x4 worked quite well. If i had air downed the tires , it would be very good. I like a lot about this vehicle but not enough to buy one at what they are selling for. Drop in a much larger 6 or small 8, clean up the shifting and lower the price. One could purchase a stripped down Wrangler for the price and do much better.

Average Rating : 3


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