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Elantra Mantra logo 6/14/2016 Elantra Mantra

The Hyundai Elantra GT is basically a comfortable and enjoyable vehicle; easy and comfortable to handle on the road and it gives good mpg. Even though I did not purchase one with the many luxury features I enjoy driving it. My son loved ECO feature and thinks it made a difference in the MPG. I am not excited of that feature, because it seems to me that I get the same whether its on or off. I enjoy driving this vehicle now although at first it seemed to be a little lower than normal. It took me a little while to get used to sitting so close to the road, that might have been so because I've been seating high for a few years in my old trucks and loving it! In any case, I got used to the Elantra GT and its features and now I;m enjoying driving it. I like and the comfortable seats and especially the sound system. The brakes are really there when needed and the hatchback holds plenty. I love the steering wheel, it's comfortable to hold onto. I am not a fan of the way in which the dashboard connects to the windshield. It seems unusual and awkward to reach. A few times I find myself struggling to retrieve an item that slid toward the front and somehow is very hard to reach - pen, note pad, paper or even sun glasses. The forward movement at times may have caused whatever it is to wedge into the narrow slanting front. If the item happens to be the size of a credit card, then prepare to pry and struggle for a while to retrieve it! The Elantra GT is an overall good, comfortable vehicle - Not much fancy features, but in my opinion, you get your money's worth .

Average Rating : 5


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