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Embarassing logo 5/26/2015 hebron112

I love my first ever GC. I had the fabric seats changed to leather and it is brilliant and only 6 months old.I am blown away by the power when you hit the accelerator even compared to my Dodge Nitro (petrol). The Laredo can throw you back in your seat. Love it! The paddle shifts that I thought were just a gimmick are great when towing which it also a winner in my book.All the electronics are impressive compared to my previous Dodge.It looks good and for an SUV is reasonably quiet. The only 2 x things that annoy me actually embarrass me and Jeep could have avoided which is the foot brake alarms and warnings and the door hinges able to overextend.

Favorite Feature : The power when I hit the accelerator, the paddle shifts when towing and I do like the comms.The back seats are nice and easy to fold up or down as well.

Suggested Improvement : The handbrake which is a foot brake has a weak sounding beep and a tiny double red light that when you drive off and inadvertently drive off with it still on the light goes off and the beep doesn't stay on. That is until you get to the next stop sign or try and engage Cruise Control. The other thing in a gust of wind the drivers door flew back and put a small crease in the panel while overextending. It would have been very easy to have a safety strap or something to protect this.

Average Rating : 4.125


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