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Emergency Safety Solutions (Enhanced Emergency Lighting)

Emergency Safety Solutions, Inc is a team of roadway safety advocates that have designed the proposed enhanced hazard lighting option and is working closely with US DOT officials to make this safety enhancement available to all drivers. #HELPEnabled #RoadtoZero #DistractedDriving #SafetyFirst #Conspicuous Safety Solution: The offered emergency flash pattern operates exclusively using a vehicle's turn signal bulbs at an increased flash rate of 6Hz. This offered flash rate is not considered near the range of any clinically proven harmful flash rates (~18Hz). Two Hazard Lighting Modes: The proposed increased flash rate option is not a replacement of today's vehicular hazard light system. It is a supplemental mode to today's hazard lights that can only be activated while the vehicle is at rest. Standard Hazard Mode (1-2 Hz): If the vehicle is not at rest, the vehicle utilizes the today's existing standard hazard light flash rates. Emergency Hazard Mode (6 Hz): If the vehicle is at rest, the vehicle will flash in emergency mode and will revert back to standard mode once the vehicle is back in motion or manually deactivated using the vehicle hazard button. Two Forms of Activation: 1) Manually: User sequentially selects the hazard button twice, or 2) Auto deployment: Immediately after a significant collision, the standard hazard flash rate will activate until the impacted vehicle is at rest. Once at rest, the vehicle will flash in emergency hazard mode until disengaged by the driver or reverted back in standard hazard mode once the vehicle is in motion.
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