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Endearment logo 7/31/2015 Paul

This is just my experience with this car. I bought the car with 128k, few cosmetic issues but over all seemed like a pretty nice ride. The second day after purchasing the car it would not start, had it towed to the dealer and they told me i needed to replace some battery harness cable, starter, alternator, and a few more items, honestly cant remember them all. After all that the car never went more than 2 weeks without the engine light coming on. Blew 2 ignition coils, catalytic converter, a few sensors. Car had many oil leaks. The car is very expensive to maintain with high miles. Spent roughly $2500 in repairs over the course of a year. But some how you manage to overlook all the faults the car had, because you love this car. Yes it broke down all the time and costs you a lot of money to maintain, but when you drive this car you feel like a million bucks, even with the paint fading, and the bumper falling off, the light smoke slipping out of the cracks of the hood, the duck tap covering the huge rips in the leather. It just all depends on whats important to you...

Average Rating : 4


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