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Endless Repairs logo 9/3/2015 UA Wildcat

I'm a college student who bought this car used due to its great reviews. I needed a reliable car. This car is not that.I bought the car with 110K miles on it. In the past year, the A/C compressor ($1100 repair), alternator ($250 DIY repair), thermostat ($200 semi-DIY repair), and driver's side door lock ($10 DIY, PITA repair) all broke. There were repairs before that, but I honestly can't remember them all. However, this year has been the worst.At over $1500 in repairs in a single year (many of them being reduced cost due to DIY work), I honestly cannot recommend this vehicle as a used car purchase. I know that it was reviewed well on release, as that's why I bought one. I am convinced that the vehicle does not age well, however. I've worked under the hood and inside the door panels of the vehicle, and I saw countless cheap, plastic parts that are at high risk for breakage (such as the door lock rod clip that crippled my driver's side door). Additionally, my dashboard has cracked near the windshield from solar heat, the rubberized seal on one of the rear doors is coming out, and a piece of flashing in the rear bumper simply fell out and disappeared while driving. I owned a Toyota before this and it was rock solid... completely reliable. In that reference, I strongly recommend against buying Mazda.

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