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Energi plug-in is the way to go! One year later! logo 5/31/2015 pregomi0

After one year I find I have been to a gas station 4 times and have used appx:28 gallons for the year with average MPG at 148 MPG with my short trips and 7.1 cents cost per KW charge plugging it in to 120 Volt over night every day, have been to Ford dealer service dept. 3 times once to fix a tire and twice for service and a yearly state inspection my total cost to own to date has been under $300.00 dollars and have drive it just over 5000 thousand mile to date. If I have anything bad to say it would be that I hoped it would be a hatch back for more trunk space and have a spare tire, Ford offers road side aid but I still would have liked a spare tire. My wish is that Ford would offer a Mini Van larger battery more space to haul and a spare tire, but there is not a thing I can say about my PHEV as it does the job with both class and comfort.2016 Ford Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid really does get 88+ MPG plus from the time I bought it May 23rd 2015 I just have over 125 miles on the odometer got every option but park assist I traded my 2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid that just got 35 MPG if there is a down side they did not offer the Ice Blue color that my Milan had so I settled for White a $500+ dollar option. I also did the math and it is cheaper to charge the battery on 120 volt house current than use NRG EVGO or Blink 220 volt charging stations, they need to design a better truck space is so dear and no spare tire you get a flat you have to call and wait for a Ford tow truck. I got it at such a reduced price that I can live with that

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