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Engine Lemon logo 9/10/2015 Maureen Brown

I have never in my 36 years of driving had to replace an engine before. Now, I am currently on my second engine, and getting ready for the third, all before I hit 120K miles. How can these engines go bad that fast??? The first one died at 88K miles (after the warranty expired of course!!!), and the new engine (granted it was rebuilt) died within 30K miles. It is currently in the shop waiting on the third engine. When you pay so much for a car you tend to expect reliability. How reliable can a car be when it is fine one minute, and has an engine crash the second? Now that it is in the shop I will be without a car for 4 to 6 weeks. The last time this happened I actually missed my father's funeral because the car was in the shop and the replacement car was unable to make the trip when the weather turned bad. The main reason I have this car is because of the snow, and the fact that it moves many people at one time, but when you can't use it then those points are moot.

Average Rating : 3


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