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Engine rebuild at 85,000 miles logo 4/26/2016 Matthew P.

Oil seal failed at the right-hand side of the engine (accessory side, not transmission side). Found the cause to be worn main bearings allowing the crankshaft to move within the engine block, which pushed the oil seal out. $3700 to have the engine removed, rebuilt and reinstalled. Though the car has been in our family since new the Title was transferred from husband to wife, then to mother so Hyundai sees it as having changed ownership 3 times and would not honor the 100,000 mile power-train warranty. **update** Since original post the engine came out again at 90,000 miles. Unable to locate a new crankshaft, the shop that rebuilt the engine performed a weld repair on the crankshaft which failed resulting in a ticking noise. The repair shop honored their warranty and repaired the engine at no charge, but we were down a car for 5 weeks. Car just passed 101,000 miles yesterday and the engine light came on. To be continued . . .

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