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Enjoying new RX! logo 7/8/2016 Don K

I'll start out by saying that this is my fourth 350RX and I have now had it for only 3 days. The first three RX's (2002, 2006 and 2010) were nothing short of fantastic. Only one repair on any of them that cost more than $1000. I will also admit I hated the look of the front end of this new RX so I shopped around for 3 months, looking at BMW, Mercedes, Volva and Audi. As time went on, I did warm up to the front end look. The sides and rear of the car, along with the interior is second to none. I find the acceleration more than acceptable - it is an SUV, not a sports car. It drives considerably smoother and quieter than my previous RX's and it is very agile. The technology is a bit overwhelming but I'm working through that. Practically everything can be done via voice - you can tune the radio or change the interior temperature, all by voice. The GPS is a bit slow, expecially when you deviate from the originally planned route. The seating exceptionally confortable. We purchased this from a dealer that is 5 hours away (closest dealer is 3 hours) and driving it home was a pleasure. The attention to detail is off the hook - the way the leather and other materials come together is awesome. I have the safety plus sytem, and it is wonderful. The cruise control is easy to use (same as previous years) and the new safety plus is easy to figure out. Sometimes I would get behind someone going 65 when I had set it to 72 and the car would start slowing down, matching their speed. The minute I moved into the left lane, it accelerated by up to my set speed. Worked the way it was supposed to......I just had to get used to moving over into the passing lane before I got too close to a slower moving vehicle. The sound system is a wow! You can really rock out in this thing. I put the soundtrack from Pirates of the Carribean on from my cell phone via bluetooth and it sounded amazing. The whole car was vibrating from the bass and it was not turned up very loud. All in all, I am very impressed with this vehicle. The improvements over the past 6 years is unbelievable. I really like the look of the BMW X3 or X5, but in hindsight they are very conservative in design. Beautiful vehicles, but the changes each year are slight. With the RX, the look is bold and edgy. I could not be more happy that I went with the RX and would do it again in a heartbeat.

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