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Epic Fail logo 8/8/2015 Gunslinger

The truck is an electrical and engine mechanical nightmare. Problems are too many to list. But here is a few common annoying issues. Tires wear on the front end no matter how many or by who the alignment is done by. There is a theft deterrent ignition that will make you late to muliple appointments on a regular basis. Changein the ignition switch is a costly waist of time. The fix for this issue is to wait 10minutes and try again starting the truck. Hopefully it does. The blower for the a/c works when it wants to. Eventually leadeing to a 100% failure burning out the wireing harness also. Dash lighting works 60% of the time. There is a sound made by the engine top end that sounds like the truck is a diesel. This is a gasoline engined vehicle. Exhause manifold cracks if water is splashed on it while driveing. Basically this is why chevrolet is no longer the manufacturer of choice for me. I've been a chevy fan for most of my life. They managed to change my opinion by designeing and building this truck with the help of crackheads.

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