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Escape the Escape! logo 4/26/2015 escapeescape

Worst purchase ever! True lemon! Bought Jan 2014. Day 1: passenger headlight out. 3 trips to dealer, got it replaced. Then back to dealer for: rear lift gate out of alignment and sometimes doesn't close at all(4x tried to get it repaired), exterior lights periodically flash by themselves, SYNC won't display txt msgs (did once), door seals are horrible (TONS of dust), abnormal lag when accelerating to highway speeds, AC failed on first use, windshield wiper hits driver's side upright, 14,000 miles-lots of rattles, rear shocks just replaced, driver's window has mind of its own, headliner sagging in rear, driver presets do not return, poor performance of AC when it does work, etc.

Favorite Feature : At this point, all of the "nice" features are overshadowed by the pure s*** nature of the car. DO NOT BUY ONE! Absolute junk car. Have contacted lemon law attorney. Going to trade in as soon as possible, for something reliable--a 2015 Toyota Tacoma.

Suggested Improvement : Has been in shop total of 19 days since purchase. Rear lift gate opened by itself once, sitting in a parking lot, car off, dog in back escaped. Dealer cites "user error" on lift gate. Really? Sorry, I guess I need to go to class to learn how to click a button to close it. ??This is the 2.0L engine (no option to select this in forms). It gets, at best, 21 MPG on mostly highway use. Sticker states 28. Worst $35,000 ever spent.As reference, we are a professional couple with income above $200,000/yr combined. We are clean, drive responsibly and take excellent care of our belongings. This car is junk. Period. Do not buy one.

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