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Even the rear seats recline logo 6/28/2015 jacobbz

I used to be an American vehicles only kind of guy. Not sure what got into me, but I decided I liked this vehicle after looking at it and test driving it.As I said in the title, they seem to have thought of everything. It is all about the little things, such as something as simple and yet so RARE as reclining rear seats.The 2.0XT (rally-cross turbo, if memory serves), has a sporty little get-up to it.Towing is pretty sad at 1500lbs, but I guess there are trade-offs. With Subaru reliability and this smooth drive and CVT with three different "shift modes", I believe it is worth it since I rarely tow, anyway.

Favorite Feature : Organized engine compartmentOil filter right on topReliabilityReclining rear seatsLeather outer parts of cloth seatsHUGE sunroof (biggest I have seen)Comes with nice wheels (mine did, anyway)Back glass does not pop and thus does not squeakTurbo

Suggested Improvement : Towing Capacity

Average Rating : 4.625


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