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everyone wants my car logo 4/27/2016 Julia

I will run this vehicle into the ground and judging by my uncle with a '97 @ 300k ...that's going to take a while. Bought this car pre-owned (64k) almost 2 years ago. I have the limited 4x4 which is AWD all the time. I drive mostly short city trips and then I frequently take road trips (at (89k now). I've had this car in every weather condition and I'm so thankful for that. Last week I got caught in a flash flood on the way to Vegas and while other cars were loosing control in deep puddles, the traction control kicked in/ AWD helped on multiple accounts to keep us center. Handles well in snow, sand, rocks, ect. It handled really well going down a steep curved hill in snow. In high winds, I barely feel it. I can fit more in this SUV with the seats folded down than a Tacoma (length wise). I work at a Toyota Dealership so I can see all the service records, and there's never been a major issue, even while they were certifying the vehicle for resale. I have to admit, it's probably due to the city driving, but my MPG has decreased since I bought it 18 down to 15/16. Handles well and can stop on a dime. A month after getting it, another 4Runner merged into me and I barely felt it although the whole right side needed to be replaced. Overall solid car. The navigation is due for an update, and the voice command is really annoying/inaccurate/long. (I recommend a '14 and up, cause they improved it drastically). Overall, I'm in love with this car and my friends always beg to ride in it for road trips. 12 plus hours, and you're still comfortable. The 3rd row should not be considered for regular use, and it's small and not very comfortable. However, for short, infrequent rides, it's a really nice option to have. If you're considering a package that doesn't come with a back up camera, I recommend getting one installed. Regardless of the kind of driver you are, stock this is a tall vehicle. I'm 5'8 and thin and my boyfriend is 6'2 and has an extremely wide build. We both sit comfortably. I've had kids aged 4-9 sit in my back seat. The boosters/car seats are super easy because everything is so high up. Although, they all struggle to get inside the car so if you have small kids or you're short, invest in running boards. *a year later update...still feel the same*

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