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EX HOT RODDER STILL LOVES HIS CLK 500 logo 7/11/2015 Cary Cooper

I did a 48 state search for this car (found it 4 hours from my home!) I have always done almost all the work on my cars since I was 16. I have only bought 3 new cars in the 57 years I have been driving. My motto has always been "I never met a car I didn't need to modify for me". That means modify in all ways. The only mods on this car I have/will make involve adding things that did not come on it originally (such as bluetooth). It has the right wheels (AMG) so it is the first car ever that I don't have to change the wheels! It has the right engine - more than enough power/acceleration/speed (and economy considering the performance) (my last "hot rod" was a 1987 Volvo wagon with a Mustang Cobra 5.0 with a Tremec 5-speed - like Paul Newman and David Letterman had!). This car is effortless, smooth and secure. The HVAC is great and so is the Command radio/nav unit. It has the right suspension - it rides nice, handles the twisties great and stops like a race car. It does have some options I don't need but I can handle that since I figure I didn't pay for them. And it looks awesome with the top down (and the top is so easy to lower/raise) - and it seats 4.. Based on how new the interior looks (I am very fussy) the materials are tough as well as good looking and luxurious (but I know that from my previous 2 MB's). So far it is easy to work on (better than my 300CE was) and maintain.

Average Rating : 5


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