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Exactly what we expected! logo 5/19/2015 vawarren

We need to replace my wife's car and the Fusion was our first choice. We have had our 2015 Ford Fusion SE for a month and love it! Love the interior design/layout, really love the exterior looks, and have not seen or experienced any quality or reliability issues. We are getting gas milages higher than the MPG listing! We do not drive heavy footed, so that helps our MPG. Would I buy another or recommened it to a friend? YES, absolutely!

Favorite Feature : Love the looks and handling. I also like the backup camera being a standard feature. Like the 6 speed trans for great gas milage. Huge trunk!!!

Suggested Improvement : I'm not a turbo fan, but I have talked with people complaining about their gas milage. Turbo gives you power but if overused you lose gas milage. That's why we wanted the 2.5L. Don't really think a turbo is necessary.

Average Rating : 5


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