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Exceeded My Expectations logo 7/29/2015 Lee Gordon Jones

My Patriot Sport actually has the 2.4L 6-speed automatic FWD option, which was not one of the offerings in the review drop-down box. I previously owned a P/T Cruiser, which I loved and managed to keep for 13 years and my son is now driving. I play music as an avocation, which means needing enough cargo space to hold a band's worth of gear (except the drums). I live in a congested area, so I must have an automatic, and I live in a hot humid area, so I must have A/C. Everything else is extra. Knowing that someday I would need to replace the P/T Cruiser, I began researching affordable wagons several years ago. Most of the reviews on the Patriot at the time were that it was underpowered and too Spartan for most of the reviewers, but those were the same demerits the P/T Cruiser earned when it came out, so I was prepared to (a) dismiss those critiques and (b) settle for something less than sterling for the price the Patriot was asking.When I finally did a test-drive of the Patriot Sport with the optional 2.4L engine and 6-speed transmission, I was immediately pleasantly surprised with just about every aspect of the vehicle. Pickup and shifting are just fine for getting on and off the highway. The interior has no extras - manual door locks, manual/crank up windows, hand-adjusted mirrors - which is fine by me; I actually prefer not having more things to break and fix as the car ages. The seats a very comfortable; the materials used seem pretty standard - there was nothing glaringly cheap about any of it; and on the whole it seems well thought out and executed. The standard sound system needed a little tweaking to deliver a sound that pleases me, but I managed to dial it in within a few minutes. My Patriot came with a single CD player with satellite radio (free for one year), AM, FM, and a 1/8" jack to plug in an MP3 or other outboard music device. I have been driving the new Patriot for a month now. I have no complaints about its performance. The only change I would make if I were on the engineering team was to make the windows a little taller for better viewing (I must duck slightly to see the traffic light if I'm directly under it). I have not had it long enough to need service, so I cannot comment on that. But I've put on almost 1,000 miles, and have enjoyed a combined city/highway mileage of j27 mpg on regular gas.I couldn't be more pleased. I was prepared to settle for less.

Average Rating : 5


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