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Exceeds expectations, 5.7 hemi logo 3/4/2015 unclewilly1

I bought this Commander about 18 months ago with 140k miles. Limited, 5.7L 4x4 quadradrive-II. I am in North Carolina, Raleigh; I think this was a California car, that's where 'home' was on the GPS.I love this Jeep, my third, two Grand Cherokees before (1998 & 2000), this is my favorite. I do a lot of maintenance myself, or at least diagnose before going to the shop; never to the Jeep dealership if it can be helped.I have not had to perform any non-maintenance activities since ownership.My wife has our 2000 GC Larado 2WD with almost 200k miles (amazing relialibity) and I plan on upgrading to a (2015+) Grand cherokee 4wd Overland in the next 18 months or so.

Favorite Feature : Solid feeling. Quadadrive-II (made it backwards up a ice covered driveway with almost bald tires (still legal tread left, soon after purchase) and all way through the winter with a few multi-inch show days. I was amazed.The seats are great, I like the less bolstered seats.An, the visibility ( Commanding view ;)My first car with rearview camera, makes me feel a bit better in parking lot situations.Vary maneuverable in tight situations.

Suggested Improvement : Since this car is no longer in production; it's kind of a gripe section. Just two items already echoed, gas mileage and shudder over potholes, etc.I think new shocks and higher series tires would help the latter. I will likely do a 2" lift with new shocks/wheels/tires next year.

Average Rating : 4.75


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