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Excellant purchase!!! logo 7/6/2016 browntown101

I bought mine used at ~111k, and I have put another 100k on it in four years. This has been a fantastic and reliable runner, it is easy to work on, takes nearly no maintenance, is very economical to own and operate, and with the 5 speed manual transmission, is a lot of fun. Highly recommended to anyone who wants something that is sound, cheap, and fun. I am very satisfied, and plan to run this one until life dictates I need something different, or until the wheels come off this one (but lets be real, I won't live that long!). Not recommended for a family car, or for those who have a hard time getting in and out, or those who haul a lot of bulky cargo, and no, it is not the best suspension, biggest motor, fastest car, however --- that's not why anyone buys a Honda Civic... It will (and has) hold up very well for commuting, travel, everyday use, work, fun, college, grad school and about anything else that you can throw at it. And good god it is nimble!

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