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Excellent car with a few weak points logo 6/24/2015 fine999

This review is for the 2.5i Limited model equipped with all OEM options, including EYESIGHT and NAV system.I have been leasing cars of this ilk, typically fully loaded, every 3 years. In addition I have test driven many others in an effort to help other people buy cars. My wife owns this Subaru, and it's clearly a winner with just a few reservations I'll get into below. I hope Subaru trolls these reviews.The car handles and rides very very well. Always a feeling solidity and composure. Steering is tight and right on target. Absolutely no complaints in any of these areas.

Favorite Feature : The EYESIGHT package is cheap for what you are getting. Besides the enhanced safety which is well worth it, the adaptive cruise control is just incredible. For example, it can be set at 80MPH and adjust itself all the way down to zero MPH if needed, including applying the brakes for very slow or stopped traffic in front of you. Works like a charm! The Harmon Kardon stereo in the Limited is just awesome. Beats virtually every hi-end system I've ever heard in a car, and has plenty of beef.

Suggested Improvement : #1 - believe it or not the front seats kill my back even on shorter trips. Apparently they don't bother most people. Haven't run into this same problem with other cars because they've all had lumbar support that could be defeated. These seats have built-in lumbar support that can only be increased, so the discomfort is a major deal breaker for me.#2 - less of an issue is the relatively low engine horsepower. It's fine for most driving but too weak for some driving demands. I wish Subaru would ditch the horizontally opposed engines. Most normal 2.0L engines get around 200HP. Subaru's flat four 2.5L (larger engine) only produces about 175HP. And there is no MPG advantage either.

Average Rating : 4.25


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