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Excellent car with lots of wind noise logo 8/14/2015 wayne21

Have had our 2016 RDX with Value package for about 500 miles. We don't use the Bluetooth (don't talk on the phone while driving), but all the electronics seem great. Phenomenal stereo system - easily the best we've ever had in a car. The only real shortcoming is wind noise. We test drove the vehicle twice and both times it was raining. Now that we've driven the car for 500 miles I can truly say the wind noise is nothing short of ridiculous. Yes, I know there is a three layer seal in the doors, but that doesn't stop the wind noise. I don't know that we've never owned a car with wind noise this bad. It's totally unacceptable for most cars, but for a car with a sticker price of roughly $43k it is shameful. Cranking up the stereo is the only way to avoid hearing it all.

Average Rating : 4


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