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Excellent Car logo 7/29/2015 Robert

What it is like on a daily basis?I love my Z06. It accelerates like a bat out of hell and handles like excellently. Fun with a special passenger, if you know what I mean. I doesn't have too much bs electrical usb, touch screen gizmoid crap; but it has a heads up display that makes you feel like you might be piloting an F16. A/C is terrible, but why would you want to keep the windows rolled up? Very fuel efficient I some how mustered 21 mpg average, same as my v6 Impala. Great car if you like listening to George Thorogood thru its Bose speakers. You are most definitely faster than 95% of the cars on the road, so you will be too cool for street racing. Cops leave you alone, usually, and insurance is cheapish.Maintenance?Change oil, clutch fluid, tranny fluid, coolant, power steering fluid like any other car.Tires can be spendy if your a dingus and "Have to have the originals!" buy some tires like falken and you'll be good to go.VALVE SPRINGS. If you buy a 2002 Z06, replace these immediately if you don't know if they have been replaced or your life will suck for a while. I shattered one at 42,000 miles and I had to replace all my valve springs, MAF sensor, o2 sensors, catalytic converters, and spark plugs. It could have possibly been worse, thankfully the valve keeper did not fall.Otherwise it has been very reliable.

Average Rating : 5


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