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Excellent Through 1,000 Miles logo 4/29/2015 lrspatrick

Prior vehicle was a 2014 E250. It had 40K miles with no issues. Reason for the S class was I wanted it and didn't want to wait for the diesel. The S is the finest vehicle I have driven. The ride stands out, it is smooth and does not float, handling is outstanding for a large vehicle. The seats are second to none, multiple adjustments and massage minimize driver fatigue.Interior design works very well ergonomically while looking great. With voice command and nearly every function within easy reach on the COMAND system driver can focus on driving while managing other features.The S550 provides more than enough power; haven't detected the turbo lag I experienced in the E Class

Favorite Feature : Surround view camera option makes parking effortless, I strongly recommend it for everyone. I love the heads up display, a must have for me but perhaps not for others.Seats are amazing, wife and I have used the massage more than we had anticipated. It has been an everyday use rather than just for long trips.Entertainment. Multiple inputs for whatever way you store your music. Love having a list of my 30 favorite artists and the radio alerting me when one of their songs is about to play on a station. A twist of the Command knob and press gets me to the station seconds before the song begins.An upholstery and the exclusive trim upgrades add a level of beauty and elegance.

Suggested Improvement : I wish the mileage was better, at 21 MPG it is half what the E250 provided.Ditch the standard fragrance dispenser. Takes up room in a small glove box and far too expensive to replace when depleted.Will provide an update following a June cross country trip, and another at the 10,000 mile service.

Average Rating : 4.625


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