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Excellent used car at a low price. logo 3/18/2015 brianq727

I bought this car as a "go betweener" when my WRX died on me the second time because a shady mechanic shop j went to. I paid $2500 for this car with 127K miles and only expected to keep it a few months but it has really grown on me and is super reliable. Only things I've replaced in the 15 months I've owned it are a radiator for $110 and the O2 sensors for $130. Not bad for a car with 140K miles on it. She starts right up everyday and I plan on keeping her for a long time since I'm enjoying the "no car payment" life. I would highly recommend buying one of these used from model year 1996 to 1998. I see them for under $3K all the time and would make a great first car as well for teens.

Favorite Feature : Nice leather. Smooth transmission even with 140K miles on it. Enough power to pull out in traffic.

Suggested Improvement : Suspension is a bit mushy. CV joints must be replaced every few years as with any FWD car.

Average Rating : 4.625


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