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Excellent Vehicle for the Price logo 8/13/2015 Rudy

The 6 cylinder 07 Sonata has plenty of pep and the transmission is rather smooth. I have done all the regular maintenance and have gone to the dealer only once to service a recall on the passenger seat air bag. Which, by the way, was not serviced because the sensor chose to operate that day when I took it in, but has been malfunctioning on and off as long as I've had this car since new. The other recall was for the brake light switch that I chose to replace myself. I have a trust problem with all mechanics. The interior materials used are rather cheap. However, some tender loving care will do a lot to preserve it. The car has about 70K miles on it and still runs very smoothly. The paint job is of poor quality and seems to chip fairly easily. I clean it often and polish it regularly. I search often on the Internet for potential problems that others may have endured to maintain this vehicle.08.16This vehicle now has over 75000 miles. Since others have had problems with oil leaking onto the alternator, I've re-torqued the valve cover bolts to specification. Admittedly, there were several bolts loose and out of spec. There are no fluid leaks and the engine runs as smoothly as new. There are times when I have to look at the tech. to be sure the engine is on. Exteriorly, the finish is fine except for several paint chips forward and over the front fender well. Interiorly, the driver's side arm rest faux leather has cracked and the plastic on the dash adjacent to the windshield has developed a small crack. All exterior and interior systems work and I've had no mechanical problems. I particularly like the satellite radio for continuous music and the V6 power is mated very well to this transmission. My previous vehicles have been Datsun/Nissans and Toyotas with price to value ratios increasing at a rate beyond what I'm willing to pay. This trial purchase of a Hyundai has been, thus far, successful.08.17My 07 Sonata now has 77885 miles on it. My wife is the primary user of the car for tasks around town. We've been lucky with this car. The engine still runs relatively quiet and no oil is either burning or leaking. I continue to do my own maintenance with weekly checks of fluids. I've replaced the brake pads on all fours and they didn't show any unusual wear. All fluid, filter changes, lubrication and adjustments are done per manual. After re-torquing the valve cover bolts, I've had no oil leaks above the alternator as others have had. There are some interior wear as the vehicle is used. This is particularly true on the driver's side arm rest. Fortunately the crack previously reported has not progressed and the crack on the dash is still unchanged. There are no mechanical issues. There are no interior accessory issues. So far, this car is operating as one would expect.

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