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Exceptional luxury car in every way. logo 6/16/2017 Mr.Dennis

In the 8 years of BMW 740iL ownership, mine has been a very sturdy, dependable and reliable auto. Exceptional luxury car in every way, shape and form. Have talked to many other 740 owners, and very rarely have run across a dissatisfied owner. The only complainers are those who bought the cheapest junker possible just to say they own a BMW, and for them, constant problems. Guess what (?), you get what you pay for. If you think you can buy a good used $70,000. luxury auto for only pennies on the dollar, your sadly mistaken. --- Prior to my used 740iL purchased, my son also owned a 740i, and he never had a single issue with his either, ran like a top, perfect the 5 years he owned his. --- Pros: Luxury at its finest. Perfect fit, dependable and SAFE. Timeless styling, always in fashion. Overall I favored my 740iL, over my SL500 for comfort, style and reliability. --- Cons: Quality comes at a price.

Average Rating : 5


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