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Extensive Repairs All The Time. logo 4/11/2015 Jerry Balat

I purchased a used 2005 Volkswagen Passat in 2011, with just about 107k miles on it. Being a VW I expected repairs in the years to come, but not the frequency that I experienced. In less then 5 years of owning this car, I have spent over 7K in car repairs. Its one thing to fix normal wear and tear, such as replacing breaks, and worn out tires, but to replace the engine mounts, hinges on the trunk, the window panel,screws on the door which somehow fell off, replaced the air pump which had water in it, work done on the sunroof which seemed to have issues closing, exhaust problems in the car, the temperature gage which broke, and the hood rod. Basically one repair after another. I have never owned a car with this much constant repair issues. Probably the worst car I have owned, and best decision was to discard this car, which I should have done years ago. Imagine, taking it to the shop 7 times in the last 13 months I owned the vehicle, totaling over 4k in repairs. Again, wish I sold it years ago, I didn't. I learned my lesson, never buy a older car with extensive miles on it.

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