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Extremely Disappointed with Ford logo 8/28/2015 Lisa

own a 2005 limited awd..duratek engine is great, but CVT trans is junk. I first noticed the car started lunging around 80k miles. Progressively got worse. Then the transmission went. MANY transmission specialists told me it's about a $6k job, and they didn't even want to touch it. Even the Ford dealership told me the car wasn't worth the fix. You can't even find a salvaged/rebuilt CVT because they are ALL junk, and if you do, no one will guarantee anything. And after reading everyone else's posts with the exact same problems, it's an absolute abomination that Ford would not do a recall. Ford is well aware of these issues, even launched an investigation, but never made the recall! I still owe about 1k on the beast, and i will probably get a few more months out of it so im gonna drive it into the ground. I've always been a Ford girl, and was especially proud that they didn't take a bailout. But Ford is still using this transmission, and their full knowledge of these issues and refusing to stand by their product has really put me off. Basically, we are getting screwed, and they don't care. I am extremely disappointed with Ford. I am no longer a Ford girl.

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