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Extremely disappointed logo 9/9/2015 Gordo

This is my second BMW; my first was a MY 2006 325i that I bought new. This time I decided to get a CPO 2012 328i. I have had the car for about 45 days; it has been in the shop for 15 of those days. It needed: A NEW TIMING BELT (after I was told that the blender-like noise the engine was making was "normal" until I took it back to the dealer to investigate it further), an new window regulator, a new seat belt latch, re-charged AC, and crack in the instrument panel plastic covering the instruments. A week later I had to take it BACK because the steering wheel was making a load groaning noise when turned, and the stereo intermittently recognizes that I have a CD in the player or my iPhone connected to the USB. Sometimes I have to go without music on the wonderful upgraded Harmon Kardon stereo until the system decides to reset itself. The dealership still cannot diagnose this issue. Also, the only way to drive this car is to leave it in "Sport" mode. The default "Comfort" mode makes the car feel like a 1980's-era Cadillac-all floaty and bouncy on the highway. Steering and handling are tops in Sport mode, though. Overall I'm disappointed in the quality. I had the 2006 325i for 5 years, and had ZERO issues other than the sunroof not wanting to close from time to time. I put 102,000 miles on it and only did basic maintenance-no unexpected warranty visits. Thank tha LAWD I got the extended warranty with this CPO (Certified Piece Of _____). I had a Mercedes C300 and Volvo S60 in the interim of the BMW's and getting this car-sad to say, I think I may go back to either one of them. Beautiful car inside and out, though.

Average Rating : 3


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