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Extremely Happy logo 9/3/2015 Ken

I have had the C-Max since buying it new in the summer of 2015. I have put 10,000 miles on it as of today and all is good. I average 39 miles a gallon and mostly do interstate driving and often run at 75 to 85 mph. You have to run 85 around Cincinnati or you'll get run over. It never seems like I am going 75. It always seems slower. I was given a warning once because I was 70 in a 55. The officer asked me if I knew how fast I was going and I said "70, but with this new car it seems like 50." He gave me the warning because my record was clean. The C-Max engine was much better than the CR-v or Crosstech that I test drove. It can move, has the gas economy and plenty of head and body space. The bells and whistles inside seem to be the biggest negative that I've read about. They are a bit awkward but not that important to me. Good music sound. For economy and power this is a great car. It runs quite. I am hoping Ford has put in the technology for it to last me a long trouble free time.

Average Rating : 5


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