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Extremely Impressive for a "Compact Economy Car" logo 6/12/2017 Wikoli (Victor)

Traded a 2014 Sonata SE with sport and tech packages, which was a great car, no problems for a 2017 Elantra Limited with Tech and Ultimate packages. This is a totally new Elantra from the 2016 and I think Hyundai hit a home run. Had our choice of blue/black or red/beige. The blue was a March 2016 man date with 95 miles and looked abused and demoed poorly with sluggish acceleration. The red/beige was a July 2016 man date with 8 miles and demoed great with spirited acceleration and looked beautiful, and was very clean and still had new car smell. So we went for the red. Very impressed with the quietness for such a small car (aircraft grade chassis adhesives.). Very impressive for a "compact economy car". First tank was 36 MPG. Great nav and entertainment on the sharp 8" display. Incredible Infinity audio system, best since our 2007 Nissan Rockford Fosgate. No CD, so we'll have to transfer our music. Beautiful interior with dash setup same as new Sonata. They separated the climate control display and outside temp display from the LCD, good move. Got the Continental tires instead of the Korean ones, don't know, but I'm assuming they're better. Drawbacks are steering is a little compact-ish, just a little stiff and pulls slightly side to side on uneven roads curvy roads. Also, the suspension, which is actually pretty firm, but it will waddle a little on the road and in parking lots with sudden direction changes. These are my only complaints, which are minor. And I'm comparing it to the Sonata with the sport package the drove like it was on rails. And the Elantra of course is more comfortable and quiet. Quality, fit and finish is impressive. Only exception was the RR door which is sticking out very very slightly on the latch side. The 1.6L engine runs great and has decent power, and has multi-point fuel injection, which is much preferable over direct injection (the 2.4 GDI Theta II direct injection on the Sonata has a recall on it). The 6 speed auto is extremely smooth. New exterior styling beautiful, toned down a bit and more European. Excellent nav, audio, interior (obviously some hard plastics), beautiful leather seats, blind spot monitoring, lane departure, adaptive cruise, auto dimming RV mirror with homelink, heated F&R seats, power driver's seat with 2 memory settings, rear view camera, sunroof, auto opening trunk, what can I say? After $6500 in rebates and discounts, it's like a mini luxury car for 21.5 K. Perfect for my five foot wife. Did immediately install a K&N air filter which gives you a couple of extra horse on the 4-banger. Here's hoping no serious recalls on the engine or anything else. These new cars are so high tech you never know.

Average Rating : 5


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