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Extremely satisfied with EcoBoost Premium (A/T) logo 5/11/2015 mojo_mike

I'm thrilled with the EcoStang. Nice power / torque as delivered. Have tuned the Mustang with the Cobb Accessport, and it's now even more fun. The car rides / drives great for this segment.Shopped the Mustang vs. the Camaro and Challenger. The Mustang BY FAR gives you the most car for your $$$. Have heard lots of complaints about the noise the turbo makes. As delivered, its not great and could be improved upon. I know that in-line turbo 4s can be tuned to sound like something special.Highway cruising nets me an honest 33mpg, and 27 combined.Like having the variable drive modes as well as variable steering. Let's you customize the car's behavior to your mood.

Favorite Feature : EcoBoost power / torque.Drive modes.Throttle response / lack of turbo lag.Remote start.Heated / cooled (not just ventilated) seats.Exterior styling.Interior styling.MPG - averaging 27mpg combined.Surprisingly large, practical trunk.Instrumentation.

Suggested Improvement : Use struts for hood instead of prop rod.Fix hood "flutter" at elevated speeds.Make front and rear parking sonar standard.Fewer hard plastics in the interior (doors in particular).AUTO mode in the HVAC system feels inconsistent.Use 4-way (vs 2-way) lumbar adjuster.A more modern automatic transmission (something like the ZF 8-speed automatic).Make shifting with paddles more responsive.Apple CarPlay.Improve the aural experience (study the Ford Focus ST and Fiat Abarth).More accurate fuel computer (it's about 6% optimistic).

Average Rating : 4.25


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