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Fabulous Car logo 8/3/2015 Mike

I bought this car used on the last day of 2007; it had 75000 miles on it.In the past 110,000 miles/~8 years of ownership this has been a very reliable car. It consistently gets 28MPG on the highway. It has a smooth ride, and the seats are quite comfortable. The driver's side has adjustable lumbar support. The controls are all easily reachable while driving. Handles in the snow like a dream.I have replaced the battery once. I have just put the second set of brakes on it about a week ago. At 185000 miles it still does not burn any oil. It is quiet when driven down the interstate. The trunk is cavernous. Plenty of room for rear-seat passenger - my 6'5" son has ridden back there when he has visited. Good visibility.It has started every time I have turned the key - except that one time I had to replace the battery. I only hope that every car I buy is as faithful to me as this car has been. Chevy got this one right!The headlights got foggy from age/weather and so I decided to replace them. What an easy job that was. 15 minutes total, and that includes upackimg the lights. A single clip holds the headlight to the car.

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