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Falls far short on MPG, but otherwise a versatile car logo 5/6/2015 rickallen

This is our 2nd Subaru. We bought another because the value of our 1st was so good when you consider a foolproof AWD system, tons of space, decent features, and near flawless reliability. My only complaint is that we have never hit the advertised MPG when driving interstate speed limits. To meet the EPA highway, you have to be going 60 or less. Not possible on most highways without becoming a nuisance and an obstacle.

Favorite Feature : Tons of legroom front and back. We never want for space. Great visibility all around with a good seating height, large windows, and well placed mirrors. AWD system is unstoppable. In deep snow with snow tires on, you might as well be in a tank: not a slip or a slide to be found. HK sound system sounds great.

Suggested Improvement : Heated seats slow to warm. Slightly less rear storage space than the Legacy/Outback. Occasionally rough ride over broken pavement. Useless and tiresome navigation: your phone is 100x easier and more accurate. Slow responding infotainment. Front seats have no lateral support and short bottom cushion, however, I still don't get road butt after long drives. Slow moving power liftgate. Nonstop beeping from lane departure warning and abrupt slowdowns from Eyesight when traffic comes in range.

Average Rating : 4.125


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