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Family workhorse logo 4/8/2015 smithiedad

We were gifted our 2003 Odyssey 3 years ago from a friend when it had 184,000 miles. Now is has 315,000. It's our family workhorse and it's been a dandy. I'd buy another Odyssey for certain. Original engine and auto trans. We stay up on our maintenance and it's been very good. Excellent value. We've got our sights on 500K miles!

Favorite Feature : Excellent overall quality. Comfortable leather seats that have held up well. Rock solid J35 engine. Very durable.

Suggested Improvement : We had trouble with the ignition key cylinder. Fixed it once then had to replace. Inconvenient and expensive. We've been aware of some transmission issues out there, so we drive it sensibly and stay up on the fluid changes. Also added an inline aux trans filter. So far, so good!

Average Rating : 4.625


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