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Fantastic car for city driving logo 7/16/2015 Paul S

I leased a 2012 Volt in April of that year and loved it. Once I learned to always drive in “L” gear for maximum regen braking, and “S” drive mode for maximum acceleration at the light the car was so much fun to drive. It was extremely quick and totally quiet. What I like is the acceleration is 100% useable. Since there is no noise, grinding and shifting you can put the pedal to the floor every time you start off without any guilt or spectacle. 90% of my driving is in town and I never have to use gas unless I go on a trip out of town. My only disappointment with that car was that in the third year that I owned it my battery range dropped about 20%. I went from seeing 36 miles after charge in the winter to 30 miles. In the summer it went from 47 to less than 40. Chevy said this was normal, but I can’t believe that since it all happened in the third year. Also in that year I added a level 2 charger at work and started topping the car off both at home in the evening and work in the morning.Turned that car in at end of lease and got a barely used 2014 with every option which I love. It has navigation which the 2012 did not and that is a great feature because of how it integrates with other features. Lots of improvements over the 2012. Now I’m not charging until I drop below 20 mile range and keeping my fingers crossed that I won’t lose driving range in two years.

Average Rating : 5


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