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Fantastic Car - Until the Front Gets Hit logo 7/22/2015 SpeedyCarLover

Moral of the story - It only takes a bit of force in the front end of this car to total it, but it is a fantastic car before that! Just look at the crash test scores for the 2015 compared to the 2014 (didn't require the more in depth tests) on "Front, Restraints and dummy kinematics - Poor," "Front, Structure and safety cage - Marginal," "Front, Overall evaluation - Marginal." If that doesn't scare you, then best of luck to you and may you never get in an accident because once you do your car is as good as totaled! Ford should focus on durability because the rest of what they did with this car was great.What I loved about my fiesta: Great handling, Smooth acceleration, Little road noise, Fantastic suspension, Nice entertainment system, Good vehicle feedback (tire sensors etc.), Amazing fuel economy (33-37 year round), and I am very sad to see the car go over such a minor incident! If you love yours be super careful with it!

Average Rating : 4


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