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Fantastic Driver with some Shortcomings logo 7/22/2015 Josh

I purchased this car over a year ago to replace a 2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid that had recently surpassed 100,000 miles. I wanted something that would be fun to drive and that had a manual transmission. This car checked (most of) the boxes for my needs, after a year with it, however, this will be my last GM for a while.The good: The turbocharged motor and manual transmission combination is great! Clutch and shifts are smooth and engage easily. The torque band is very wide and pulls the Regal up to (and over) legal highway speeds, quickly and quietly. The interior is quiet and comfortable around town and on long trips. The bad: Trying to use/figure out the buttons on the steering wheel/center console/touch screen is miserable and very confusing. Voice recognition only works for certain functions, much worse than the SYNC in my previous car. No rear-view camera, on a vehicle at this price point trying to compete with entry-level luxury cars, a rear-view camera should be standard. The graphics for the navigation are acceptable, at best. QUALITY (or lack thereof) - my car has been in the shop 6 times in the past year for small repairs, blower motor on the climate control randomly cuts out, 4 rear light bulbs (no access panels in trunk, have to remove carpet surrounding the trunk to replace), sun visor mirror cover shattered apart, and grommets holding the floor mats to the floor sprung apart. The plastics on the interior feel cheap and look cheaper. The lack of storage space for front seat occupants is disappointing. Buick has done a fantastic job with the styling and the performance aspect of this car. It looks and drives fantastic, now if there was more focus placed upon quality and interior components, I'd be fully satisfied. I'm glad I purchased the Regal, but I'm ready to get into something else.Update: 7/23/2016; 67,000 miles. The car continues to disappoint. I've now been through 6 sets of brake pads/rotors (it's a stick shift, I rarely brake hard). Several more tail light bulbs have burned out. The check engine light is on and the car is trying to stall out upon every shift. There's zero power upon acceleration despite the turbo engaging. I've actually sought out and bought another 2010 Milan because I hate this car so much but owe too much on it to get rid of it. This will definitely be my last GM product for a long time.Update: 1/25/2017; Still own this heap due to being underwater (thanks GM depreciation). Up to 75k miles - problems mentioned above were fixed at least GM extended the warranty and covered the issues (exhaust gas sensor, cam sensor, and a couple of other misc. issues). Recently got approved for a personal loan to finance the negative equity - can't wait to sell this car.

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