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Fantastic riding EX-L I love this car ! logo 6/23/2015 sinnerii

Do not be alarmed by the same 12 unhappy people writing about vibration woes, there are none. I do thank them though, I only had to wait a month for Honda to make my car in Ohio due to demand is far exceeding supply. Beige leather interior on white exterior a large shortage of. On behalf of 200,000 happy 2015 CRV owners, you can't go wrong buying the 2015 CRV. I cannot find one thing wrong with my CRV and I am finicky. Everyone who gets in my CRV just loves it. Very comfortable front seats. I am 6 foot tall.

Favorite Feature : Love the Bluetooth hand free phone, backup camera, very smooth transmission, good power, pushing 30 mpg on the AWD EX-L, right side lane watch is a godsend in heavy highway traffic. I am highly entertained by all the electronics, you can add navigation on the Honda site by buying like a $49 app there. No vibration repeat no vibration, so sorry to you same 12 complainers.

Suggested Improvement : This car does everything great, best value car for the price. Cannot think of much to improve. Maybe the automatic gear shift knob add a dial pointer to show what drive you are in, you kind of have to guess at what gear you are in.

Average Rating : 5


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