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Far and away the best car I've ever owned! logo 7/28/2015 Rich

I purchased my 2007 Camry SE in late 2013 with 117,000 miles. Less than two years later, the odometer reads 168,000. I have had ZERO problems, and I have beat the crap out of this car. Neglected oil changes, bald tires, some body damage, and I NEVER open the hood. It still runs like a dream! It's deceivingly fast, and if it didn't have that dang traction control, I have no doubt it would smoke the tires. I can weave in and out of traffic (yes, I'm that guy) with ease. The seats are comfortable (and I'm a fat, old guy) and there is plenty of headroom. I guess the only complaint is the navigation system. In order to update it, you have to purchase a DVD, for $80-100..cheaper to buy a was probably cutting edge technology for 2007. Just filled it today and checked my was 28.I LOVE MY CAMRY. First "foreign" (even though it's assembled in the USA) car I've ever owned. Most US cars cannot compare to this little rice rocket!

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